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There was nothing she could do until after

When his body'd been buried below

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Name:Εὐρυδίκη ∞ Eurydice ∞ Edith Dice
Birthdate:Jul 12, 1988

she was in herself

the beginning. Eurydice is a Dryadae, a nature spirit of the Greek lands who rejoiced in song, dance, and the wilds of nature. She embraced the trees and was beloved of oaks and aspens, and she often attended with her kins as retinues of Artemis.

She never knew what drew Orpheus to her.

Perhaps she was the most graceful of dancers, perhaps she had the sweetest laugh, a sharp wit, or simply perhaps Artemis was not over protective of losing Eurydice to a man.

Whatever it was, she was thankful.

So Eurydice and Orpheus courted. He fell in love and so did she. So they married.

Thus she became damned.

the middle It was not the first time a dryad died, but it was the first to become the retinue and friend of Persephone and her husband Hades. When the heartbroken Orpheus attempted to retrieve his beloved wife, it was Persephone who urged Hades to allow Eurydice to return to the surface. So he attempted to lead her to the surface and with hope of living by his side once more, Eurydice followed.

But for some reason, he turned around.

Orpheus failed his task, and Eurydice was the one punished, whisked back into Hades. It would be the last time she saw her husband.

Eurydice was furious, terrified, and heartbroken at what she perceived as Orpheus' distrust. She never quite recovered and remained by her King and Queen's side.

the end? Then the Greek and then Roman people stopped believing in Hades all together. The gods lost their power and kept their immortality and though she was not a god, Eurydice was never a mortal. Separated from her beloved friend and king she admired, Eurydice realized she now feared the world of the living. Not even music and dance could sooth her fears. Slowly she became attracted to the rituals of burial.

So Eurydice became a undertaker and embalmer. As the profession became associated in comforting those left behind, Eurydice excelled with her empathy, her impeccable skills, and her expertise. She has met other nymphs since then, adapting to the modern times as dancers, artists, and prostitutes. She's met other underworld gods of other dead Pantheons and established relationships among them and a network to keep them hidden from Mortal eyes.

In modern times, she often changes her name and travels from town to town, servicing as an undertaker until her patrons realize she's not growing old. Recently, she's taken the name of Edith Dice. A terrible name, she knows it, but she'll change it in a few decades, anyway.

And she still doesn't dance.

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